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For the 2-tier series 90 interface, what weight/moment should not be exceeded for the interface device. I assume it would be greater that the 25 pounds at 6 inches recommended in another FAQ (for a single tier receiver).
The 9025 and 9050 Receivers are rated for supporting a 25 pound load, located 6" from the back face of the ITA. At this load, the Receiver has a life expectancy of 20,000 cycles. VPC realizes that the Receivers will function properly with ITA's that weigh two to three times that amount or more, but we do not know if they will have an impact on the life of the Receiver. Actually, the weakest point in the design, is the mounting of the Receiver to the chassis, which is done with four (25 Module Rcvr) 10-32 screws, which will easily support several hundred pounds. VPC does recommend that any ITA that has a moment that exceeds 12.5 ft lbs to be externally supported. The customer should also recognize the safety risk associated with heavy ITA's that could be potentially dropped off of the Receiver if not properly seated, resulting in possible injury to the operator, as well as damage to the equipment.