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What is CompactPCI?
The newest specification for PCI-based industrial computers is called CompactPCI. It is electrically a superset of desktop PCI with a different physical form factor. CompactPCI utilizes the Eurocard form factor popularized by the VME bus.
Defined for both 3U (100mm by 160 mm) and 6U (160mm by 233 mm) card sizes, CompactPCI has the following features:
• Standard Eurocard Dimensions (complies with IEEE 1101.1 mechanical standards)
• High Density 2mm Pin-and-Socket Connectors (IEC approved and Bellcore qualified)
• Vertical Card Orientation for good cooling
• Positive Card Retention
• Excellent Shock and Vibration Characteristics
• Metal Front Panel
• User I/O Connections on Front or Rear of module
• Standard Chassis available from many Suppliers
• Uses Standard PCI Silicon Manufactured in Large Volumes
• Staged Power Pins for Hot Swap Capability (Future)
• Eight Slots in Basic Configuration. Easily expanded with Bridge Chips
The complete CompactPCI base specification and all follow-on specifications can be obtained from the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG) by calling PICMG at 1-781-246-9318.