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PXI InterConnect Solutions

Virginia Panel solutions are designed to accommodate an array of ATE chassis sizes/configurations, including PXI, LXI, SCXI, GPIB, and VXI applications. Our products provide easily reconfigurable and scalable solutions to your specific testing needs. Readily stocked and standard products keep costs down and ensure that you will receive your Mass InterConnect Solution quickly for speedy integration. VPC’s solutions offer modular flexibility and address a wide range of signal, power, coaxial, and pneumatic I/O requirements. High performance cable assemblies and patchcords ensure quality connections and fast assembly of your Mass InterConnect Solution. To configure a pre-engineered or custom PXI cable assembly for your PXI instrumentation, visit our online Wire+ Configurator.

VPC PXI Partnerships


G12 S6 Solutions G2 Solution G10 Solution G10 Solution G18 Solution G18 Solution G12 Solutions iCon Solution

VPC offers two types of slide configurations: platform and standard receivers with slides. These configurations both offer these useful features:

  • Short cable lengths to your PXI chassis
  • Easy access to PXI cards and wire
  • Ability to add secondary instrumentation, such as a power supply or second PXI assembly

VPC’s multiple platform-oriented slide configurations also offer a range of useful features:

  • Platform to support ITAs up to 180 lbs when not in use
  • Runners along the platform provide smooth-sliding engagement
  • Cable tray and other accessories are available
  • Available in 6, 12, 18, and 25 modules solutions

G18 with Slides

VPC now offers standard receivers in slide kit packages for even more flexibility to access instrumentation and easy to configure systems. The additional benefits are clear:

    • Flush rack mount to save valuable space in front of test stand
    • Slides support up to 180 lbs.
    • Compatible with two top selling products for medium and high I/O applications
    • Available in an i2, i1, iCon, 18 and 25 module solution
G20 Pull Through

VPC’s G20 Mass InterConnect interface delivers reliable performance. Pull through technology provides:

  • Short cable lengths to your PXI Chassis
  • Direct connection to instrument modules enabling pull through removal of connector modules and instrumentation from the chassis backplane
  • Available in a G20, G20x and G14x solution

VPC’s PXI InterConnect Adapters connect your PXI instrument to a VPC module and secure both to a VPC pull-through style receiver. The InterConnect Adapter offers a number of connection options from the module to the instrument, including PCB adapter, flex print and discrete wiring. InterConnect Adapter features include:

  • Removable side panels for easy maintenance
  • Integration of standard VPC 90 series modules
  • Shortest wire or circuit length


VPC’s Vertical Hinged Mounting Frame configurations make it easy to access your instrumentation. These configurations offer many desirable features:

    • Short cable lengths to your PXI Chassis
    • Easy access to PXI cards
    • Ability to add secondary instrumentation, such as a power supply or second PXI assembly
    • Bolts directly onto any standard 19” rack
    • Allows receiver to hinge down for easy access wiring
    • Quick locking latches allow easy open and closing motions
    • Available for i1, iCon, iCon960, 2, 6, 10, 18, 25, 50, and 75 module solutions

VPC's i2 Micro iCon offers PCB connection options that include i2 direct to PCB, i2 to flexprint, i2 to PCB adapter card, and i2 discrete wired. VPC's 60 or 84 pin headers contain solderless compliant pins which enable easy implementation to your system. i2 features include:

  • 168 signal points with QuadraPaddle™ Technology or 120 signal and 12 micro coax/micro power points
  • 30° cable exit for vertical stackability
  • 0.8" footprint for horizontal stackability
  • Integrated spring locking tabs in square locking mechanism
  • Keying pins and polarizing feature ensure precise engagement
Applications   Online Configuration Tools

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