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Intellectual Properties

Patent Number Title
4,212,508 Computer Interface Receiver Retrofit Kit
4,213,666 Mechanism for positioning a test adapter in operative relationship with receiver
4,219,935 Fixture for use in aligning multiple contacts of receiver units in computer interface equipment
4,296,990 Electrical connector having insulated locking shell for use on panel having metal ground plane
4,344,033 Vacuum-actuated test fixture for printed circuit boards
4,417,206 Electrical contact probe and method of manufacturing
4,537,463 Spring contact holding shell having integral wire wrap post
4,571,540 Electrical Contact Probe
4,626,780 Tri-axis automated test system for printed circuit boards
4,655,530 Snap-In Module
4,667,155 Modular Molded Vacuum Test Fixture
D299,719 High Density Receiver Module
5,103,378 Hinged Interlocking Assembly-United States
5,227,718 TAC™-United States
5,420,519 Improved TAC™ 1
5,576,631 Improved TAC™ II
5,633,597 MITT
5,850,147 Improved TAC™ III
5,936,421 Coax TAC™ (with taper)
5,942,906 Improved MITT (Condor)
5,966,023 CLICK™
6,824,405 Modular interface device with improved torsion shaft
6,869,321 Dual Female electrical connector & Module
6,872,006 Fiber Optic Cable Assembly
6,882,138 Modular test adapter for rapid engagement
6,948,952 Modular interface test adapter (G2, 6 & 10 Gemini)
7,091,415 Low Profile Mass InterConnect Device (G12)
7,267,563 Dual Engagement Lever Interface (Skeeter - S6)
7,297,014 iCon Spring Lock Interface Engagement System
8,348,693 B2 Electrical Connector Interface with Latch Operated by Threaded Drive Shaft
9,246,286 B2 High Speed Data Module for High Life Cycle InterConnect Device
9,257,787 B2 Interface Device
European Patents
EP0621485 Double-headed Spring Contact Probe
EP0829728 Rapid Action Engagement Interface Connection System
EP1879261 Spring Lock Interface Engagement System
DE App. No. 10 2006 311.2

Floating Contact Engagement System