VPC's own patented signal contact technology allows infinite configuration possibilities for test & measurement interconnectivity.

High Power, Mini Power and Micro Power contact technology

VPC offers an impressive line of coax contacts including 50 & 75 Ohm, 20/26 GHz, 40 GHz, and 50 GHz. Module options vary by contact type and even include hybrid modules.

Thermocouple contacts are manufactured from chromel or alumel alloys and are color-coded for easy identification. 

VPC offers Multimode and POF patchcords designed to meet a variety of fiber optic cabling needs. 

VPC offers a range of pneumatic contacts that are ideal for use with automatic engagement interface systems. 

VPC's 2-port position Vacuum modules are available with or without a filter. Made of black anodized aluminum, they are rated to withstand temperatures between -65° C and 200 ° C.

VPC twinaxial contacts provide differential voltage options most commonly used in digital and data applications.

VPC has revolutionized the world of test & measurement with its line of VTAC high speed digital products. With data transfer rates more than 12.5 Gbps per differential pair, the sky's the limit.