Interconnect Adapters

Interconnect Adapters are available to funnel the wiring to a VXI chassis. Connector cover plates are optional replacements to the standard cover plates and allow wiring to enter or exit the funnel through different VXI instruments or receiver modules.


  • Module Retainer Block Set, for Discrete Wiring, 2 Positions
    Slot 0 Module Retainer Block Set, for Discrete Wiring, 1 Position

VXI Funnel Adapter

  • C-Size Interconnect Adapter, Double Slot, 4 Module Positions
    C-Size InterConnect Adapter, Single Slot, 2 Module Positions, Clamp Style
    Interconnect Adapter for A or B to C Carrier (uses VME to VXI Adapter)
    C-Size InterConnect Adapter, Single Slot (use with Part #510 109 355)
    Connector Cover Plate for 15 Pin, D-Shell (for P/N 510 109 179/197)
    C-Size InterConnect Adapter, Double Slot for use with Racal 1260-100 Carrier
    VTI Instruments Mounting Ear Kit for SMP1200 Carrier (for use with Part #510 109 118)
    VTI Instruments Mounting Ear Kit for SMP 1100 Carrier (for use with Part #510 109 202)
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