50 Ohm Mini

Rugged Connections with mini coax contacts and modules

Mini Coax Contact Technology

Mini Coax contacts have a maximum VSWR less than 1.02 up to 500 MHz. Cross talk is less than 60 dB @ 500 MHz. Insertion loss is less than 0.05 dB @ 500 MHz. Resistance is 5 Milliohms maximum @ 0.5 Amps, never exceeding 10 Milliohms.

Solder sleeve termination is available for mini coax contacts. A durable, reliable and economical alternative to traditional crimping methods, the solder sleeve is constructed of heat-shrinking thermoplastics.

User Manual

Mini Coax Signal Contacts & Patchcords

Get stable and consistent connections with mini coax contacts and patchcords that can be used with all VPC mini coax module based ITAs and receivers.

Mini Coaxial Modules

Immediate connections with Mini Coaxial Modules.

Mini Coaxial Contact Tools

Ensure Proper Connections with Mini Coaxial Tools