VTAC Right Angle

Right Angle Inserts

Modular and compact, VTAC right angle inserts can be used with VPC strain relief plates to relieve PCBs and to secure COTS connectors in place.


Design Specifications



Insert - Right Angle

  • VTAC Insert, Receiver/ITA, SIM, Right Angle  
    High Speed Insert, Receiver/ITA, SIM, VTAC, Retention Insert

Insert - VTAC

  • Blank Insert Kit, Receiver/ITA, SIM, VTAC, 10 Pieces
    VTAC Insert, Receiver/ITA, SIM, Pass-Thru  

Insert Bundles

  • VTAC Insert Bundle, Receiver/ITA, SIM, Right Angle Insert and Pass-Thru Insert

Module - ITA

  • SIM, Module, ITA, 90 Series, 34 Position

Module - Receiver

  • SIM, Module, Receiver, 90 Series, 34 Position

Strain Relief Plate

  • Strain Relief Plate, Receiver/ITA, SIM, PCB or wired solutions

Tool- Extraction

  • Tool, Extraction, VTAC, Receiver and ITA

Tool- Insertion

  • Tool, Insertion, Right Angle, VTAC
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