High Power

  • Contact rated to 10,000 cycles
  • Rated up to 150 Amps with maximum resistance of 0.35 milliohms
  • Rated to 150 Amps continuous using 2 AWG Cooner wire
  • Contact designed for use with 2 AWG CW6044-14(UL rated) , AS 105-14(Non-UL) or equivalent
  • Use the  Patchcord Designer to customize a patchcord using high power contacts

  • Modules are designed to handle harsh environments
  • Incorporate protective contact features for both sides of the mating modules
  • Safety Interlock can be wired with use of our TriPaddle contacts
  • Standard/90 Series modules are available to carry six contacts
  • iCon modules carry four High Power contacts per module and are available for use in both iCon and i1 connectors

User Manual