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Digalog Systems Develops Series 2050, Using VPC 18 Module Interface

Category: G18
Company: Digalog Systems, Inc.
Industry: Commercial | Platform: PXI

Digalog Systems Inc. has introduced its next-generation test system, the Series 2050. The 2050 can be configured as a functional, in-circuit or combinational test platform. Centered on the widely-supported PXI (PCI Extensions for Instrumentation) standard, the 2050 integrates a wide 18-slot 6U PXI Chassis with a 9U Resource Interface Chassis. This Resource Interface Chassis can accept a wide selection of standard or custom Digalog test and signal conditioning capabilities. UUT (Unit-Under-Test) connection is done through a highly configurable Virginia Panel 18 Module Interface. Interface Chassis can be configured with a wide selection of Digalog's source, measurement, and switching cards. Multiple 'testers per system' can be defined with the appropriate signal conditioning configuration, resulting in significant cost savings in multi-product production test environments. The expandable Virginia Panel Gemini 2118 Interface can be configured with the exact mixture of high-density, high-current, and coaxial connections needed for a varying product line. This interface may be populated as required by the UUT, and updated as needs dictate. The Virginia Panel Gemini 2118 Interface provides a reliable, industry accepted adapter to the UUT, whether using a fixture or cabling to an operator interface, handler or environmental chamber.