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VPC offers a wide array of contacts with a variety of connection options that are configurable for virtually any InterConnect requirement. Customizable patchcords with pre-terminated contacts are a cost-effective and time-saving solution to your wiring needs. To design a custom Patchcord using the contacts below, visit the Patchcord Designer. Visit our Wire+ Configurator to build pre-engineered cable assemblies for your instrumentation.


Up to 5 Amps - QuadraPaddle™
Up to 10 Amps - TriPaddle


Titles and Lines Signal Contact Patchcords and Modules Power Contact Patchcords and Modules Coaxial Contacts Patchcords and Modules Twinaxial Contacts Patchcords and Modules Thermocouple Contacts Patchcords and Modules Fiber Optic Contacts Patchcords and Modules Pneumatic Contacts Patchcords and Modules Vacuum Modules

Up to 150 Amps Max. Continuous - High Power
Up to 65 Amps Max. Continuous - Mini Power
Up to 21 Amps Max. Continuous - Micro Power

50 & 75 Ohm Up to 40 GHz

Snap-In-Modular (SIM) inserts


Polymer Optical Fiber and
Mini Multimode

Rated 100- 250 psi


2 Port Vacuum Modules
up to 20,000 cycles


Strain Relief Plates and
Screw Kits

Blank Modules