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Pre-Engineered Patchcords

Consider It Done

VPC's Pre-Engineered Patchcords

In-stock patchcords with short and sweet lead times mean quicker system integration!

VPC's stocked, pre-engineered patchcords make getting patchcords easy. Just order these in-stock patchcords and get them at a reduced lead time for quicker integration into your test system.

Available in signal (QuadraPaddle and TriPaddle), power and coaxial.


Click on a category for a complete list of our in-stock, pre-engineered patchcords.

Signal Patchcords
Power Patchcords
Coaxial Patchcords
QuadraPaddle Patchcords - up to 5 Amps

TriPaddle Patchcords - up to 7 Amps
Mini Power Patchcords - up to 40 Amps
Mini and Micro Coax Patchcords - up to 50 Ohms