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Pre-Engineered Patchcords

Contacts, Modules & Tools - Signal - TriPaddle Technology

TriPaddle Technology

TriPaddle Signal Contact Technology

TriPaddle Signal contacts carry up to 7 amperes (22 AWG wire) or 10 amperes (14 AWG wire) continuous and can carry pulsed current up to 15 amperes at a maximum duration of 800 milliseconds.  Resistance is 4 mOhms Max.  Superior performance is achieved by VPC's patented Tri-Paddle design.

TriPaddle Performance Specifications (108 KB) TriPaddle Performance Specifications
TriPaddle User Manual (2.21 MB) TriPaddle User Manual

Signal Contact Technology
Reconfigurable Connector Modules
  • Various densities from 64, 96, to 256 pin modules
  • Allows infinite configuration possibilities for InterConnectivity
  • Consolidates multiple instrument connections within the space of a single or double module slot position

  • Contacts & Patchcords
  • Offer the capability of handling various signal
  • Ability to be intermixed in any configuration
    depending on the test requirements

  • Modules
PCB Adapter Solutions
Less Complication with Patchcords
  • Ideal for PXI applications
  • Available in configurations that incorporate PCB with standard SCSI connectors
  • Allows rapid InterConnectivity by using double ended COTS cables for reduced wiring and ease of integration

  • PCB Adapters
  • Quality inspected patchcords are available in
    various lengths to suit any application
  • Cost-effective solution for your wiring needs
  • Reduced setup time with pre-terminated contacts

  • Wire+ Advantage
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