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– Interface is reliable and rugged to protect expensive instrument connectors

Reliable – Mass InterConnect components are engineered and manufactured to deliver reliable performance up to 20,000 mating cycles

Flexible – VPC Mass InterConnect systems work with rack-and-stack, PXI, PCI, VXI, LXI, VME, or custom platforms

Modular – Available in sizes from 1 to 75 module positions
Mass InterConnect Solutions

– One system can connect from 10 to over 17,000 connection points, eliminating the multitude of cables and connections required by many test system configurations

Quick and Easy – Quickly and easily connect and disconnect unit under test

Consolidating – Accommodates a wide range of analog, digital, RF, fiber optic, power, thermocouple, pneumatic and vacuum connectors in a single interface

Economical – Less downtime and protected instrumentation saves money over the course of testing