G18 Hinged Frame

The G18 Vertical Hinged Mounting Configuration allows the G18 to be bolted directly onto any standard 19” rack for opening downward with hinges providing easy access to wiring. In addition, an integrated tie-down bar provides wiring strain relief.


ITA Enclosure

  • Enclosure, G18, Hinged Cover Plate, 4" Deep

Protective Cover

  • Protective Cover, G18, Receiver
    Protective Cover, G18, ITA

PXI Chassis Mount Kit

  • Chassis Mount Kit for Pickering 40-908, 40-914, 40-918
    Chassis Mount Kit for National Instruments Chassis (PXI-1044/1045/1065/1085 and PXIe-1065/1075)
    Chassis Mount Kit for Agilent M9018A Chassis


  • Receiver, G18, 18 Module for Discrete Wiring
    Receiver, G18, 18 Module with Flush Hangers
    Receiver, G18, 18 Module, EMI Gasket

Vertical Hinged Mounting Frame

  • Vertical Hinged Mounting Frame, G18, 5U
    Vertical Hinged Mounting Frame, G18, 9U
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