G18 Slide Mount

For maximum versatility and easy access to instrument-side wiring and cable assemblies, VPC offers a selection of slide kits designed to fit most common rack depths. Ordering has been simplified by offering a package that includes the G18 receiver, receiver mounting plate, flanges and instrument bracket. Slides are rated to support 180 lbs (81 kg) to accommodate large fixtures. To determine the slide kit needed, measure rack depth between mounting rails. With this measurement, choose the slide mounting kit that fits the rack.

If ordering assistance is needed, please contact a Field Application Engineer .


  • Instrument Bracket Mounting Block Kit, for use with Pickering PXI Chassis


ITA Enclosure

  • Enclosure, G18, Hinged Cover Plate, 4" Deep

Protective Cover

  • Protective Cover, G18, Receiver
    Protective Cover, G18, ITA


  • Receiver, G18, 18 Module, with Slide Mounting (slide kit required)
    Receiver, G18, 18 Module, EMI Gasket, with Slide Mounting (slide kit required)

Slide Kit

  • 30" Slide Kit, Fits 28"-32" Deep Racks, Supports 180 lbs.
    28" Slide Kit, Fits 26"-30" Deep Racks, Supports 180 lbs.
    36" Slide Kit, Fits 34"-38" Deep Racks, Supports 180 lbs.
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