Versatile 20-Module Pull-Thru, Scalable Receiver

  • Accepts all standard 90 Series modules
  • 0.80" centers correspond with PXI system slot requirements
  • Allows direct connection to instrument modules
  • Enables pull through removal of connector modules and instrumentation from chassis backplane

i2 MX Pull-Thru Adapters

  • Perform various tests for multiple DUTs using using VPC's i2 MX connector  
  • Convenient finger tabs allow easy adapter removal from receiver
  • EMI protection with aluminium nickel plating and EMI gasket

PXI Pull-Thru Adapters

  • Enables removal of PXI card and PCB assembly as one unit
  • Allows PCB adapters or discrete-wiring to PXI card
  • Works with National Instruments FlexRio Adapter
  • Four module adapter block provides connection to NI's SwitchBlock, PXI-2800