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VPC provides engineered, finished, and quality tested cable assemblies to enable easier system configuration, promoting integration of your Mass InterConnect system with virtually any type of test and measurement instrumentation.

Visit the Wire+ Configurator to see all the standard cable and adapter options VPC offers for your testing needs. Contact your Field Application Engineer for your custom test requirements.


Not Just Another Cable...

Available in several standard lengths and configurations, VPC's cable assemblies save integration time by allowing you to connect directly to the test instrument. VPC's discrete-wired cable assemblies come with documentation, including a mechanical drawing and wire list, to verify signal paths for ease of integration.

VPC offers various options for customizing your cable assemblies, click here to check them out!

Use the Wire+ Configurator to explore all the standard cables VPC offers. If you need custom cabling, contact your Field Application Engineer for assistance.

To learn about cable management and strain relief, click here.


double ended i1


Double-Ended Cables Double-ended cable assemblies serve as the connection between testers to reduce the need for reconfiguration. Connection options of iSeries to iSeries connector (e.g. iCon to two i1s) or iSeries to any vendor connectors are available.

iCon    •    i1    •   i2    •    i2 Hybrid


PXI Pull-Thru AdaptersPXI Pull-Thru Adapters

VPC offers a selection of pull-thru adapters to meet PXI connection needs. The pull-thru adapters consolidate wiring for wired connections and provide a seamless connection to the card for PCB needs.

These adapters are available for VPC's Pull-Thru receivers, G20, G20x, G40x and G14x.

Explore PXI Pull-Thru Adapters


VXI InterConnect AdapterVXI InterConnect Adapters

VPC InterConnect Adapters for VXI cards enable funneling of wire to the VXI cards. Available in various sizes, you are sure to find the InterConnect Adapter for your VXI connection needs.

Explore VXI InterConnect Adapters