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PCB Solutions

Find your Wire+ Solution FAST

We've added an enhancement to our search function on VPC.com to make finding VPC solutions so much easier! Now you have 3 options via radio buttons:

  1. Products: Search VPC products by type or part number
  2. Instruments: Search for Instrumentation part numbers - Part Numbers are hinted to help you find your solution faster!
  3. All: Search drawings and other supporting documents

Keyword Hinting Radio Buttons

New Instruments Keyword Hinting

Select the radio button for Instruments and start typing the part number for your instrument. A hinted list will start to appear, allowing you to quickly select the instrument to lead you easily to your VPC Wire+ InterConnect solution!

You can select using either the mouse pointer or the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Keyword Hinting Instrument RadioButton Selected
Keyword Hinting HintsKeyword Hinting Arrow Keys

Instrument Solution Page

Review information about the instrument you are using and select VPC Wire+ Solutions from the options shown. From here you can add the solutions to your Wire+ Configurator worksheet, add the solutions to your Cart, or Request a Quote.

Keyword Hinting Card Solution Page