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9025, 9025TR & 9025 VXI

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Can be direct mounted to the rack or used in a slide mount configuration to access wiring and instrumentation. 9025 is ideal for rack mounting application saving time with rapid changeover.

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9050 VXI
25 Module solution with platform ITA support. Platform supports up to 180 lbs alone, and up to 350 lbs with optional leg kit accessory.

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Pre-wired InterConnect adapters act as a compact funnel for wiring directly to VXI cards using the 9025 VXI for easy plug & play.

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9025TR with left mounted handle
The 9025TR offers a new style handle, which can be installed on either the right or left side of the receiver to allow for any style ITA and enclosure requirement.

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9025TR with right mounted handle
InterConnect Adapters are available to funnel the wiring to a VXI chassis. Connector cover plates are optional replacements to the standard cover plates and allow wiring to enter or exit the funnel through different VXI instruments or receiver modules.

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VXI Funnel Adapter