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ARINC - 608A

ARINC Receivers and ITAs
  • Receivers and ITAs are designed to accept Signal, Power, Coaxial, 18 GHz, and Blank modules.
  • VPC provides 5, 10 and 21 module positions Receivers and ITAs with .075 centers.
  • The 5 and 10 module Receivers are black anodized with one integrated microswitch.
  • The 21 module Receiver is black anodized with two integrated microswitches-one microswitch is located in the handle to sense whether the handle is in the open or closed position; the other microswitch, located in one of the hangers, senses whether an ITA is engaged to the Receiver.
Connector Modules
  • Modules are available in various configurations to meet specific testing needs for both the standard and FX Series interfaces.
  • VPC offers six basic modules.