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Docking Connector Product Offering

Signal Integrity

Precise signal integrity is maintained by the QuadraTrack™ engagement system, while the shielded backshell reduces electromagnetic interference.

High Speed Solutions


Increased I/O

Engage up to 2,400 signal contacts with the G10 and up to 3,200 signal contacts with the G10x solution. The G10x can use up to 5 iCon modules for increased I/O and functionality, covering a variety of I/O that includes signal, RF, power, fiber, pneumatic, and high speed digital.

Backwards Compatibility

The G10x receiver can be used with the G10 ITA or the G10x ITA, allowing you to keep your existing ITAs and test program sets (TPS) while extending the functionality.

Floating Bushings Closeup Image

Docking Connector with three 90 Series Modules

Slide-off Backshell

The G10x has a slide off backshell for easy wire access and uses built in cable clamps for securing all types of wiring.

Configure Your Solution

Continue to our technical section to review part numbers for the receivers and ITAs, accessories, and a variety of preconfigured modules compatible with the G10x. Check back periodically as we continue to add new configurations.

As always, if you do not see the configuration you require, please contact your local Field Application Engineer to see if we can accommodate.

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