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G18 - 18 Module Solution

Versatile 18 Module Receiver
  • Ideal for PXI applications and can allow space up to an 18 slot chassis
  • Ability to engage up to 4,320 contacts in one motion with the locking handle
  • Perfect combination of I/O and economy
Slide Mount
  • Flush rack mount to save valuable space in front of test stand
  • Slides support up to 180 lbs.
  • Compatible with two top selling products for medium and high I/O applications
  • Available in 18 and 25 module solutions
  • Easy access to instrumentation
  • View video demonstration here
Vertical Hinged Mounting Frame
  • Vertical Hinged Mounting Frame bolts directly onto any Standard 19” Rack and allows the G18 to hinge down for easy access wiring
  • Incorporated hinge supports the Receiver when the system is hinged open
  • Frame has an integrated tie down bar to provide wiring strain relief
Secure Hanger
  • Hanger feature on the G18 receiver allows the ITA to remain on the receiver when it is not engaged
  • ITA with enclosure will drop in place when handle is lowered to engage the system
  • Flush hangers are available for horizontal applications
Standard QuadraTrack™
  • Engaging Mechanism in the form of a pair of precision machined slides located in the Receiver
  • Distributes uniform pressure to four points on the ITA during engagement and disengagement
  • Precise signal integrity between the Receiver and ITA is maintained by QuadraTrack™ engagement system