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Pull-Thru Solutions

Pull-Thru Solutions

G20 offers direct connection to instrument modules, enabling pull through removal of connector modules and instrumentation from the chassis backplane.

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G20x offers the features of the G20 system, and adds an additional 8 modules in an extended tier for higher I/O needs.

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G40x is a two tier, 48 module system that enables pull-thru removal of 40 VPC modules, pull-thru adapters and test instrumentation in one piece. It offers 8 standard/90 Series discrete-wire module slots, plus space for 2 iCon modules, as needed.

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G14x offers all the features of the G20 system, but in a more compact shape. It provides 14 vertical modules with the option to expand up to 6 additional modules in a horizontal configuration.

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  Pull-Thru Adapters

VPC offers a selection of Pull-Thru Adapters to meet your PXI connection needs. The adapters work in our pull-thru solutions and are compatible with PXI 20 slot chassis'.

The newest addition to our Pull-Thru Adapter lineup are the i2 MX compatible pull-thru adapters. Now you can create a more scalable solution by directly connecting a i2 MX connector to your DUT. This allows you to perform various tests for multiple DUTs.

G20 and G20x are also available in a platform version. The platform provides support for your ITA and enclosure of up to 180 lbs. With the optional leg kit, up to 350 lbs can be supported.
G20 with platform