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i2 Solutions

i2 Solutions i2 Hybrid i2 Micro iCon i2 MX
i2 MX
i2 MX, is the new modular, configurable connector in a slim 0.8" footprint also providing EMI protection features.
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i2 Micro iCon

i2 Micro iCon is a high density signal connector—up to 168 signal pins in 0.8" footprint.

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i2 Hybrid

i2 Hybrid offers up to 120 signal and 12 micro coaxial or micro power position in the same footprint.

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i2 Micro iCon

  • 168 signal points with QuadraPaddle Technology
  • Hybrid option offers 120 signal points and 12 micro coax/micro power points
  • 30° cable exit for vertical stackability
  • 0.8” footprint for horizontal stackability
  • Integrated spring locking tabs
  • PCB compatible
  • Flying lead options allow you to pin your own configuration
Flying Leads

The new i2 MX allows you to engineer the ideal connector to meet your test application needs. The i2 MX now has multiple I/O options to choose from in the same 0.8" footprint.

Featuring an all metal backshell and an innovative cable exit, i2 MX provides maximum cable bundle capacity with available Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) protection.

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i2 Micro iCon
i2 Micro iCon
i2’s engaging mechanism integrates spring locking tabs that fasten over the latching post for secure engagement. Keying pins and a square locking mechanism ensure even and precise engagement. i2’s 0.8” footprint allow horizontal stackability. The 30º angled cable exit reduces the height required by the connector, allowing more space in front of the rack for instrumentation and minimizing the vertical space between connectors in a multi-connector panel layout.