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iCon, iCon High Power & iCon960



iCon's small width and inboard handle increases side-to-side stackability. Mates up to 320 signal contacts using QuadraPaddle technology. iConEMI and iConHD solutions available.

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iCon's newest edition, the iCon High Power connector offers six 150 Amp High Power contacts for your high current test applications.

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iCon960 provides 960 signal contacts for PCB and discrete wiring using QuadraPaddle technology. It offers precision engagement with a half-turn quick cam.

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  • Rugged engagement mechanism engineered for 10,000 cycles
  • Removable backshell and engaging mechanism enable easy access to wiring
  • PCB mountable
  • Standard modules allow a mix of I/O
  • Rear-mounted modules allow for easy installation of pre-wired cable assemblies
  • Modules available in coax, power, signal, thermocouple, pneumatic and fiber optic, including hybrid combinations












iCon Flying Leads