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iSeries Solutions
iCon's rugged engagement mechanism is designed for 10,000 cycles with a wide variety of I/O options. PCB mountable for even more connection capabilities.

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i1 offers a range of I/O options in a single iCon module format. Simple half-turn engagement and removable backshell enable easy connections.

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i2 Micro iCon
i2 Micro iCon is a high density signal connector—up to 168 signal pins in 0.8" footprint. i2 is available in three variations, full signal (i2 Micro iCon), hybrid (i2 Hybrid) and configurable modular inserts (i2 MX).

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iSeries for Any Requirement

Our iSeries product line offers low I/O connections in various configurations to meet any test and measurement requirements and industry standards.

Rugged and reliable, the iSeries integrates our contacts and modules into a compact format that can be used with our standard Mass InterConnect Solutions and in stand-alone applications.

iSeries connectors are available in complete cable solutions. One connection makes all your connections.

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iSeries Flying Leads
Flying LeadsiSeries Flying Lead cable assemblies are available for iCon, i1 and i2, in both signal and hybrid configurations. Flying lead cable assemblies offer "Pin Your Own Configuration" flexibility with VPC's patented QuadraPaddle signal technology.

PCB MountingiSeries Flying Leads

iCon and i1 receivers can be mounted to PCBs through the use of twin female contacts to male headers pinned directly to the board.

i2 Micro iCon can be direct mounted to the board with twin female pins to male headers on the board, or to right angle solderless compliant headers for in-line PCB mounting.