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Snap-In-Modular (SIM) QuadraPaddle


Introducing the SIM Family Introducing SIM Technology

The Snap-In-Modular (SIM) QuadraPaddle shares the same footprint as our SIM VTAC High Speed Data (HSD) inserts, which makes them both compatible with our i2 MX connector and 90 Series SIM modules. The added compatibility means more options to intermix insert types within a single module and to conduct tests at a range of signal speeds.

The Anatomy of SIM QuadraPaddle

» Side latches anchor the SIM insert securely in the SIM module, ensuring a perfect engagement between the ITA and Receiver SIM modules

» Extraction cavities allow for easy removal of QuadraPaddle Receiver contacts for maintenance or replacement

» Triangular Pin-1 indicator on both the Receiver and ITA help to ensure a correct mate.

Click the link below to download our SIM QuadraPaddle Datasheet:

SIM QP Datasheet

SIM QP Anatomy

i2 MX SIM Receiver

What is SIM Technology?

» The SIM insert is a proprietary snap-in technology that uses latches to anchor the insert to a module

» SIM QuadraPaddle and VTAC HSD inserts share the same footprint and are interchangeable in 90 Series SIM modules and i2 MX connectors

» Each SIM insert occupies one spot, which provides greater flexibility

i2 MX Meets SIM QuadraPaddle

» Available in pre-terminated cable assemblies in two convenient lengths, which can be inserted into i2 MX connectors

» Strain relief plates are available for the i2 MX Receivers for smart cable management

» The i2 MX modules offer 22 total slots for SIM QuadraPaddle and/or VTAC HSD

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Part Number Description
SIM Insert
510 180 101 Signal Insert, Receiver, SIM QuadraPaddle, 4 Position
510 181 101 Signal Insert, ITA, SIM QuadraPaddle, 4 Position
Cable Assembly
7-151 924 000-036 Cable Assembly, ITA, SIM QuadraPaddle Insert, 36", Flying Leads
7-151 924 000-072 Cable Assembly, ITA, SIM QuadraPaddle Insert, 72", Flying Leads
7-152 924 000-036 Cable Assembly, Receiver, SIM QuadraPaddle Insert, 36", Flying Leads
7-152 924 000-072 Cable Assembly, Receiver, SIM QuadraPaddle Insert, 72", Flying Leads
310 130 113 Receiver, i2 MX, 2 SIM Module Inserts, 22 Position, EMI-Shielded
410 130 116 ITA, i2 MX, 2 SIM Module Inserts, 22 Position, EMI Backshell
Module - Receiver
510 170 101 SIM Module, Receiver, 34 Position
Module - ITA
510 171 101 SIM Module, ITA, 34 Position
Strain Relief Plate
310 113 681 Strain Relief Plate, i2 MX, Receiver
510 109 568 Strain Relief Plate, Receiver/ITA, SIM Module, For Wired Solutions Only
910 112 130 Tool, Extraction, SIM, Receiver and ITA
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