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310104248 - Product Details

Weight 25 lbs. [11.34 kg]
Frame Material Anodized Aluminum
Slide Material Nickel Plated Steel
Linkage, Handle, Latch Stainless Steel
Available Module Slots 50 Positions
Cycle Life 20,000 Cycles
Temperature -55° C to 85° C
Max. Weight Support 80 lbs. @ 12 ” [36 kg @ 30.5 cm]
Max. Mating Force 1331 lbs. [603.7 kg]

Product Summary
The 50 Module Receiver is a rugged system devised to accommodate high I/O. With high contact point availability, the 50 Module Receiver is suited for larger test and measurement systems. The top tier accommodates VXI instruments and accepts our InterConnect adapters and the bottom tier is for discrete wiring.
Product Notes

To maximize system performance, consult the VPC Design Guide for guidance on cable management, strain relief, and contact loading.

Part Number Description
310104248 Receiver, 9050, 50 Module, VXI and Discrete Wiring, Double Tier
Accessories and Related Products
510109117 Module Retainer Block Set For Discrete Wiring 2 Module Positions
510109150 Slot 0 Module Retainer Block Set for Discrete Wiring, 1 Module
410104111 ITA, 9025, 25 Module, Single Tier
410104505 ITA, 9025, Single Tier, 1.5" Thick
410104538 ITA, 9050, 50 Module, VXI and Discrete Wiring, Double Tier
Protective Cover
310113285 Protective Cover, 9050, VXI and Discrete Wiring, Receiver
VXI Funnel Adapter
510109118 C-Size InterConnect Adapter, Double Slot, 4 Module Positions
510109179 C-Size InterConnect Adapter, Single Slot, 2 Module Positions, Clamp Style
510109197 InterConnect Adapter for A or B to C Carrier (uses VME to VXI Adapter)
510109202 C-Size InterConnect Adapter, Single Slot (use with Part #510 109 355)
510109337 C-Size InterConnect Adapter, Double Slot for use with Racal 1260-100 Carrier
VXI Plug and Play Plate
310113299 Adapter Kit for Agilent Technologies C- Size VXI E8400 used with Double Tier Receiver
310113303 Adapter Kit for Tektronix VX1410A, VX1401A and VX1420A used with Double Tier Receiver
310113364 VXI Plug and Play Plate, 14U (for Part #310 104 248)
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