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310104420 - Product Details

Weight 12.60 lbs. [5.72 kg]
Frame Material Anodized Aluminum
Slide Material Nickel Plated Steel
Linkage, Handle, Latch Stainless Steel
Available Module Slots 25 Positions
Cycle Life 20,000 Cycles
Temperature -55° C to 85° C
Max. Weight Support 80 lbs. @ 12” [36 kg @ 30.5 cm]
Max. Mating Force 1102 lbs. [499.9 kg]

Product Summary
The 25 Module Receiver is designed to fit into a standard 19” rack. It is equipped with a locking handle to ensure your contacts are engaged. A standard integrated microswitch shuts off power when the ITA disengages from the Receiver.
Product Notes

For helpful advice from VPC engineers related to cable routing, recommended cable lengths and strain relief for your mass interconnect solution receiver, click here.

Part Number Description
310104420 Receiver, 9025, 25 Module, Single Tier
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