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310113463 - Product Details

Product Summary
The 5U Vertical hinged Mounting Frame mounts to standard 19" racks and hinges open to allow access to wiring between the instruments and VPC Receiver. The 3 cutouts are spaced evenly across the panel. iCon cover plate sold separately (310 113 467).

Part Number Description
310113463 Vertical Hinged Mounting Frame, iCon, 5U, 3 Positions
Accessories and Related Products
Accessory - iCon
310113467 Cover Plate, iCon, for Mounting Panel Cutouts, Painted Gray
PXI Chassis Mount Kit
310113417 Chassis Mount Kit for National Instruments Chassis (PXI-1044/1045/1065/1085 and PXIe-1065/1075)
310123101 Receiver, iCon, with Protective Cover
310123102 Receiver, iCon, EMI Shielded, with Protective Cover and Strain Relief
310123103 Receiver, iCon, Reverse Module Configuration for iCon ITA Modules, with Protective Cover
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