Receiver, G40x, 48 Module, 6.75" Series, for Slide Mounting (slide kit required)

Weight 31.4 lbs. [14.2 kg]
Frame Material Anodized Aluminum
Slide Material Nickel Plated Steel
Linkage, Handle, Latch Stainless Steel
Available Module Slots 40 Vertical + 8 Horizontal + optional 320 position module or 2 iCon modules (with adapter)
Cycle Life 20,000 Cycles
Temperature -55ºC to 85ºC
Max. Weight Support 360 lbs. @ 12" [163.3 kg @ 30.5 cm]
Max. Mating Force 1257 lbs. [570.2 kg]

G40x is a two tier, 48 module system that enables pull-thru removal of 40 VPC modules, interconnect adapters and test instrumentation in one piece. It offers 8 standard/90 Series discrete-wire module slots, plus space for 2 iCon series modules, as needed. The G40x is slide mounted, to enable easy access to the discrete-wiring modules.

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