VTAC Vertical Header Insert

The VTAC vertical header insert is designed to mount on custom PCBs. Can be configured as a backplane connector and daughterboard connectors. Also sold as a set under 610151108.


Data Rate 12.5+ Gbps per differential pair
Crosstalk -30 dB min
Characteristic Impedance

100 +/- 10 ohms per differential pair

Operating Voltage and Current 3 amps maximum continuous (350V max)
Contact Resistance

30 mOhms maximum per mated contact

Insulation Resistance 1000 MOhms minimum
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 1050 VDC minimum
Mating Force 16 oz maximum [454 g] per insert
Insert Material Outer Shell – Blue or Black LCP
Male Contact – Alloy 7025
Contact Plating 50µ" Au over 100µ" Ni
RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU Status Compliant
REACH Article 33 Status Compliant
ECHA Article 59 of Reach Regulation Compliant


Insert - Vertical

  • VTAC, Insert, Receiver/ITA, SIM, Vertical Header, 8 Pos

Insert - VTAC

  • VTAC, Insert, Receiver/ITA, SIM, Blank Insert Kit, 10 Pieces
    VTAC, Insert, Receiver/ITA, SIM, Pass-Thru, 8 Pos, 1 Slot

Insert Bundles

  • VTAC, Insert Bundle, Receiver/ITA, SIM,  Vertical Header and Pass-Thru

Tool- Insertion

  • Tool, Insertion, Vertical VTAC,  VTAC SIM Modules
    Tool, Insertion,  Vertical VTAC, i2MX 
    Tool, Vertical Insertion, VTAC, iCon
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