Interconnect Adapters

Interconnect Adapters funnel wiring from modules to a VXI card. The adapter has removable side, top and bottom plates. Connector cover plates and cable clamps are ordered separately.

VPC VXI adapters have been re-engineered to eliminate the need for punching holes in certain manufacturers cards. This design uses a clip that clamps down on the card's existing ejector tabs which firmly fastens the adapter to the card.


  • Module Retainer Block Set, for Discrete Wiring, 2 Positions
    Slot 0 Module Retainer Block Set, for Discrete Wiring, 1 Position
    Connector Cover Plate for 15-pin, D-Shell (for part# 510109179 / 197)
    Mounting Ear Kit, VTI Instruments, SMP1200 Carrier, (for use with part #510109118)
    Mounting Ear Kit, VTI Instruments, SMP 1100 Carrier (for use with Part # 510109202)

Tool- Extraction

  • Tool, Extraction, 90 Series Modules, Interconnect Adapters

VXI Adapter

  • Interconnect Adapter, C-Size, Double Slot, 4 Module Positions
    Interconnect Adapter, C-Size, Single Slot, 2 Module Positions, Clamp Style
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