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VPC offers over 60 years of unparalleled experience and expertise in the field of Interconnect Solutions.

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VPC's Wire+ Configurator supports PXI cards by NI and Pickering. Our cable assemblies and interconnect adapters provide a quick connection from an instrument to a receiver to save you valuable time and labor. 

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VPC's Patchcord Designer supports over 70 contacts and patchcords. The Patchcord Designer lets users create a variety of patchcords with one easy-to-use tool. Just select the VPC contact and wire, the terminating VPC or vendor contact, and the wire length – The Patchcord Designer does the rest!

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With the Interconnect Designer, you can build a complete interconnect solution from start to finish. The Designer enables you to submit a request for a configuration with our easy-to-use tool. Once submitted, a field application engineer will work with you to create a complete configuration that can then be viewed through your MyVPC account, quoted, and attached to a MyVPC project for collaboration and sharing.

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