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9025 iSeries Wired Enclosure G20 Patchcords Wire+ PCB Solutions

VPC offers over 50 years of unparalleled experience and expertise in the field of Mass InterConnect solutions.

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Used by test and measurement professionals in the fields of defense, aerospace, automotive, medical, and more, VPC provides the critical connection between the tester and the unit under test (UUT). By using a receiver on the tester side and mating it with an interchangeable test adapter (ITA), our modular and scalable solutions allow multiple types of I/O to be easily mated at one time, simplifying the test process.

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Product Pyramid S6iSeriesG10i2 MX 9050 G18 Platform Solutions 9025



  • Protect and extend the life of expensive test equipment

  • Increase throughput by quickly and easily adapting tester to multiple units under test (UUTs)

  • Both standard and customized solutions to meet your specific needs

  • A dedicated team of engineers to help you design and meet your system requirements

  • Simplified cable and patchcord management

  • Wiring configuration for virtually any type of test and measurement instrumentation
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    VPC's online configuration tools enable you to design and configure your complete InterConnect Solution.


    VPC is committed to continual improvement, uncompromising quality, and exceptional value. See our list of Regulatory, Compliance, and Certifications.


    VPC maintains strong partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers within the test and measurement industry.


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