Receiver, 9025, 25 Module, Slide Mount, Telescopic Handle - Right Side 


Receiver, 9025, 25 Module,  Slide Mount, Telescopic Handle - Right Side

The 9025 is a 25 module receiver designed to fit into a standard 19" rack. This model is equipped with a telescopic handle on the right side. This handle is designed to rest flush against the side of the receiver as a standard handle, or can be extended out to the right up to 3" to accommodate a larger ITA enclosure or other obstruction that may prevent normal handle operation/ engagement.

As with the standard 9025,  a microswitch is included. Mounting flanges and an instrument bracket are also included for slide mounting.  A slide kit is required, but not included.  See 9025 procedure sheet/ user manual for instructions on choosing the correct slide kit length for your test rack. 

*Please note: Consult procedure sheet/user manual for information regarding slight slide mechanism bracket protrusion downward into next U height on test rack on both sides of receiver.  

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