50/75 Ohm Micro

Micro Coax High Speed Solutions

User Manual 

  • High density I/O
  • Crimp contact designed for RG 316, RG 178, and RG 179 wire

  • Modules are designed to handle harsh environments and incorporate protective contact features for both sides of the mating modules

  • Standard modules are available in single or double wide options carrying 50 or 120 contacts

  • The iCon series modules offer three module configurations of various I/O including hybrid signal modules
  • Modules can be loaded with any mixture of micro power and micro coaxial contacts

Micro Coaxial Contacts, Patchcords and Tools

Stable and consistent connections with Micro Coaxial Contacts, Patchcords and Tools that can be used with all Micro Coaxial modules.

Micro Coaxial Modules

Immediate connectinos with Micro Coaxial Modules