Twinaxial Contacts & Modules

VPC twinaxial contacts provide differential voltage options most commonly used in digital and data applications.

For increased reliability and to eliminate the need for polarization, the design of VPC's twinaxial contact consists of two concentric inner conductors for termination to the twisted pair, and an outer shield for termination of the cable shield.

User Manual 

Contact - ITA

  • Twinaxial, Contact, ITA, 50 Ohms

Contact - Receiver

  • Twinaxial, Contact, Receiver, 50 Ohms

Module - iCon/i1 ITA

  • TriPaddle Signal / Twinaxial, Module, ITA, iCon, Hybrid 40/4 Position

Module - iCon/i1 Receiver

  • TriPaddle Signal / Twinaxial, Module, Receiver, iCon, Hybrid 40/4 Position

Module - ITA

  • Twinaxial, Module, ITA, 8 Position

Module - Receiver

  • Twinaxial, Module, Receiver, 8 Position

Strain Relief Plate

  • Strain Relief Plate, ITA, 90 Series
    Strain Relief Plate, Receiver, 90 Series 
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