ITA, G2, 2 Module, Removable Backshell, Keying Feature, with Protective Cover

Weight 1.65 lbs. [.75 Kg]
Cover Material EMI-Shielded Nylon
Frame Material Nickel Plated Zinc Alloy
Available Module Slots 2 Positions
Cycle Life 20,000 Cycles
Temperature -55ºC to 85ºC

The G2 ITA is equipped with a removable EMI-shielded cover. The cover slides up to provide access to wires and connectors and is secured by two screws. The removable and adjustable U-shaped cable clamp is attached by screws to the ITA frame and allows ITA modules to be pre-wired before assembly. The clamp can hold cable bundles with an oblong bushing effective diameter of 1.59". ITA strain relief plates are not needed.

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