ITA, i2 MX,  EMI, XL Backshell (XL Bend Radius and Cable Exit)

Backshell Ni Plated Aluminum
Frame & Knob Ni Plated Zinc
Drive System Heat-Treated BeCu & Brass, Ni Plated
Dust Shield Black Thermoplastic w/ EMI Filler
Hardware Stainless Steel
EMI-Shielded Yes
Max Cable Effective Dia.  1.67"
Cycle Life 10,000 Cycles

ITA, i2 MX,  EMI w/ XL Backshell (XL Bend Radius and Cable Exit)

This model i2 MX includes the backshell only and does not include module inserts or front protective cover. The XL-size backshell allows for a greater cable bend radius and large cable exit. The max cable bundle eff diameter= 1.67".  

Note: XL backshell size creates requirement for larger spacing when used for side-by-side mounting. Minimum recommended distance = 1.75".

Compatible with standard i2 MX receiver p/n 310130114

Keying feature requires purchase of separate keying kit p/n 310113461.


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