VTAC Right Angle

Right Angle Inserts

Modular and compact, VTAC right angle inserts are used to provide a high speed data connection to a PCB. 

For tips on how to properly install this insert on a PCB watch this video from VPC's YouTube channel.


Design Specifications



Insert - Right Angle

  • VTAC Insert, Receiver/ITA, SIM, Right Angle  
    VTAC Insert, Receiver/ITA, SIM, Retention Insert

Insert - VTAC

  • VTAC Insert, Receiver/ITA, SIM, Blank Insert Kit, 10 Pieces
    VTAC Insert, Receiver/ITA, SIM, Pass-Thru  

Insert Bundles

  • VTAC Insert Bundle, Receiver/ITA, SIM, Right Angle Insert and Pass-Thru Insert

Module - ITA

  • SIM, Module, ITA, 90 Series, 34 Position

Module - Receiver

  • SIM, Module, Receiver, 90 Series, 34 Position

Strain Relief Plate

  • Strain Relief Plate, Receiver/ITA, SIM, PCB or wired solutions

Tool- Extraction

  • Tool, Extraction, VTAC, Receiver and ITA

Tool- Insertion

  • Tool, Insertion, Right Angle, VTAC
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