In the medical industry, the reliability and quality of devices used for patient testing and care is paramount.  VPC offers scalable mass interconnect solutions for testing at every stage of the product cycle from R&D to production. VPC's interface solution products include a wide range of I/O options with proven and controlled engagement. Together with our extensive engineering knowledge and support, VPC complete interface solution products help our customers cost effectively and efficiently achieve only the most reliable test results. VPC medical interface solutions can be found throughout the world and with over 60 years of industry experience, it is no surprise that VPC is recognized as the worldwide authority on mass interconnect solutions.

Medical Testing Supported by VPC

Pacemaker FCT Defibrillator FCT
Medical camera Sensor development
Dental laser Muscle Stimulation Device
Calibration and FCT Inhalator FCT
Brain Surgery Pump System Computed Tomography PCB test
AOI and More



VPC's G12

  • Ideal for high-volume test environments like medical testing

  • Low-profile

  • Rapid connectivity between instrumentation and DUT (Device Under Test)

  • Modular/ reconfigurable interface device



How the G12 Works In Your Test System

A. VPC Custom ITA Enclosure F. Cable Assemblies K. VPC Slide Kit
B. VPC or COTS ITA Patchcords G. VPC or COTS Receiver Patchcords L. Instrument Bracket
C. VPC ITA Module H. VPC G12 Receiver Patchcords M. Your Test Rack w/Instruments
D. VPC G12 ITA Frame I. Optional Keyboard Tray  
E. VPC Receiver Module J. VPC Adjustable Leg Kit  



VPC Can Design Your Entire Mass Interconnect Solution

VPC's staff of engineers will work with you to assess your needs and design a custom interface solution that meets your testing requirements. Customers choose VPC not only because of their reputation for quality and their experience in the industry, but because of the variety of value added services they have to offer.  For more information or if VPC can answer any question, contact a VPC Sales Engineer.

Custom Enclosures

VPC offers a variety of options to customize a standard enclosures to meet your application needs including:

  • Custom wiring
  • Cut-outs for secondary connectors
  • Custom silk screening to guarantee quick and fail-safe identification of test lines
  • Hinged or removable covers for quick and easy access inside

    Wiring Design Services

    VPC's Wire+ Sevices provides engineered, finished, and quality-tested products including:

    • discrete-wired cable assemblies
    • innovative PCB adapter cards
    • wired adapters
    • wired enclosures

      PCB Design Services

       VPC offers a comprehensive range of PCB solutions for use with mass interconnect systems including:

      • High speed digital design
      • Board-mounted high density interconnects
      • Differential impedance control
      • Designs for manufacturability and testability