Rack Mounting Applications

  • 50 Module Receiver ideal for high I/O systems 
  • Can be used on a Vertical Hinged Mounting Frame to access wiring and instrumentation
  • Time saving with rapid changeover

Standard ITAs

  • Use VPC  ITAs with VPC standard enclosures or with your custom enclosures
  • VPC can customize enclosures to fit your testing needs

Easy Wiring with Cable Assemblies

  • Cable Assemblies can be created by VPC based on your testing instrumentation needs
  • Standard cables are also available
9050TR - 50 Module Solution with 20" Platform

The rack mountable 9050TR Receiver is designed to accept the 9025 and 9050 ITA's and essential to support advanced Mass InterConnect requirements. The 50 Module Solution can be adapted to accommodate Vacuum or Mechanical Fixturing. Connector modules can also be intermixed to establish custom interfaces which are ideal for functional and system testing applications.