Rack Mounted Applications

  • Designed for high I/O needs, the 9025 is a 25-module versatile solution ideal for rack mounting applications
  • Can be used on a Vertical Hinged Mounting Frame to access wiring and instrumentation
  • Designed with room for expansion and for rapid changeover


  • Use VPC ITAs with a VPC standard enclosures, or attach them to your custom enclosure
  • ITA accepts both front and rear-mount enclosures (front mount shown)
  • VPC specializes in custom ITA enclosures to fit every testing need

Key Features

  • Engaging Mechanism in the form of a pair of slotted steel slides located in the receiver distributes uniform pressure to four points on the ITA during engagement and disengagement
  • Precise signal integrity between the Receiver and ITA is maintained by a QuadraTrack™ engagement system
  • Labels allow for easy installation and coordination of ITA and receiver modules

Slide Mount

  • Flush rack mount saves valuable space in front of test stand
  • Slides support up to 180 lbs.
  • Easy access to instrumentation
  • Short cable length for one to one connection to instrumentation

25 Module solution with platform ITA support. Platform supports up to 180 lbs alone, and up to 350 lbs with optional leg kit accessory.

9025 VXI

Pre-wired interconnect adapters act as a compact funnel for wiring directly to VXI cards using the 9025 VXI for easy plug & play.