VPC solutions are designed to accommodate a wide array of ATE chassis sizes/configurations. These products provide easily reconfigurable and scalable solutions. VPC’s solutions offer modular flexibility and address a wide range of signal, power, coaxial, and pneumatic I/O requirements. VPC is also known for their high performance cable assemblies and patchcords which produce quality connections and contribute to an overall high-quality and reliable mass interconnect solution. 

Slide Configurations

VPC offers two types of slide configurations- platform and standard receivers with slides. These configurations both offer these useful features:

  • Short cable lengths to your PXI chassis
  • Easy access to PXI cards and wire
  • Ability to add secondary instrumentation, such as a power supply or second PXI assembly

VPC’s multiple platform-oriented slide configurations also offer a range of useful features:

  • Platform to support ITAs up to 180 lbs when not in use
  • Runners along the platform provide smooth-sliding engagement
  • Cable tray and other accessories are available
  • Available in 6, 12, 18, and 25 modules solutions

VPC offers standard receivers in slide kit packages for even more flexibility to access instrumentation and easy to configure systems:

  • Flush rack mount to save valuable space in front of test stand
  • Slides providing support up to 180 lbs.
  • Compatible with products for medium and high I/O applications
  • Available with an i1, i2, iCon, 18 and 25 module solution

Pull Thru Technology

VPC’s pull thru interfaces deliver reliable performance. Pull thru technology provides:

  • Short cable lengths for a PXI Chassis
  • Direct connection to instrument modules
  • Pull through removal of connector modules and instrumentation from the chassis backplane

Available with the G20 and G20x.


VPC’s PXI pull thru adapters connect your PXI instrument to a VPC module and secure both to a VPC pull thru style receiver. Pull thru adapters offer a number of connection options from the module to the instrument, including PCB adapter, flex print and discrete wiring. Features include:

  • Removable side panels for easy maintenance
  • Integration of standard VPC 90 series modules
  • Shortest wire or circuit length

Vertical Hinged Mounting Frame

VPC’s vertical hinged mounting frame configurations make it easy to access instrumentation. These configurations offer many desirable features:

  • Short cable lengths to PXI chassis
  • Easy access to PXI cards
  • Ability to add secondary instrumentation, such as a power supply or second PXI assembly
  • Bolts directly onto any standard 19” rack
  • Allows receiver to hinge down for easy access wiring
  • Quick locking latches for easy open and closing motions
  • Available for i1, iCon, 2, 6, 10, 18, 25, 50, and 75 module solutions



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