VPC's 9050 VXI Receiver and Interface Test Adapter (ITA) form the backbone of the US Air Force Versatile Depot Automatic Test Station —Digital Analog 1 and 2 (VDATS DA-1 and DA-2).





VPC's Quality Lab conducts verification, point-to-point continuity, short, and insulation resistance tests to ensure a correct and quality connector.

In-House Wiring

VPC's in-house wiring team has the capability to manufacture and assemble all of the Receiver and ITA wiring for VDATS. We can also manufacture and assemble wired ITA boxes of any size and any wire requirement.

Secondary Connector

With VPC's 9050 ITA with L-Shaped enclosure, an iCon secondary connector enables consolidation of MIL Standard circular connectors while offering up to 320 signal points in a compact footprint.

VPC's i1 connector uses just one iCon module for lower I/O needs.

Common I/O Pin Map 

With a common I/O pin map, any number of groups can develop ITAs and Test Program Sets to utilize the VDATS tester, simplifying testing and procurement. 

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