S6 Rack Mount

The S6 Rack Mount receiver is ideal for consolidating multiple test instruments and only occupies 1U of rack space. This low-profile makes it ideal for in-line test applications. The S6 receiver will support an ITA/fixture weight of 50 lbs. at 6”.

User Manual 


  • Receiver, S6, 6 Module
    Receiver, S6, 6 Module, Inline, 1U  


  • ITA, S6, 6 Module, 90 Series, incl protective cover
    ITA, S6, 6 Module, Inline, 1U

Protective Cover

  • Protective Cover, S6, Receiver
    Protective Cover, S6, ITA


  • Platform Kit 15", S6, Receiver
    Platform Kit 20", S6, Receiver

Rack Extender Kit

  • Rack Extender Kit, S6, 4" Deep

S6 Enclosure

  • Enclosure, S6, 1U Height, 8" Depth
    Enclosure, S6, 1U Height, 4 Cable Clamps, 8" Depth
    Enclosure, S6, 2U Height, 12" Depth 
    Enclosure, S6, 2U Height, 4 Cable Clamps, 12" Depth 
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