Receiver, S6, 6 Module

Weight 3.80 lbs [1.72 Kg]
Rotation Block Material Powder Coated Aluminum
Frame Material Powder Coated Aluminum
Alignment Pins Stainless Steel
Handles Nickel Plated Alloy Steel
Available Module Slots 6 Positions
Cycle Life 20,000 Cycles
Temperature -55° C to 85° C
Maximum Weight Support 50 lbs @ 6” [22 Kg @ 15.25 cm]

Receiver, S6, 6 Module

The S6 Receiver is designed to mount to a rack or directly to a tabletop. The slim 1U rack height includes positive-latching mechanisms and integrated guide pins in its highly reliable engagement system. This receiver accepts all VPC 90 Series modules.

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