Receiver, 9025TR, 25 Module, with 20" Platform (slide kit required)

Weight 29.50 lbs. [13.38 kg]
Frame Material Anodized Aluminum
Slide Material Nickel Plated Steel
Linkage, Handle, Latch Stainless Steel
Available Module Slots 25 Positions
Cycle Life 20,000 Cycles
Temperature -55° C to 85° C
Max. Weight Support 180 lbs. @ 12”
[81.65 kg @ 30.5 cm]
Max. Mating Force 1378 lbs. [625.1 kg]

Receiver, 9025TR, 25 Module, with 20" Platform (slide kit required)

Runners along the platform provide a smooth-sliding action, ideal when using fixtures up to 180 pounds. The 9025TR can be adapted to accommodate vacuum or mechanical fixturing. VPC modules can be intermixed to establish flexible custom interfaces which are ideal for functional and system testing applications. The 9025TR uses all standard VPC 90 series modules and contacts, includes a microswitch and is available with optional table legs and keyboard tray kit. Slide kit required, but not included.

*Please note: Consult procedure sheet/user manual for information regarding slight slide mechanism bracket protrusion downward into next U height on test rack on both sides of receiver.  

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